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Waimanalo Beach is one of the best beaches in Oahu.

Waimanalo Beach is known for being a beautiful beach on the east side of Oahu that less tourists go to!

This is also a beach that has been the filming location of several shows.

On the popular reality TV Japanese netflix show Terrace House Aloha State, they went to Waimanalo Beach at least 2 times.

And I can say with near certainty that Waimanalo Beach was on the CBS show NCIS Hawaii as recently as a November 2022 episode.

And I am also pretty sure that I have seen this beach on Magnum PI as well! (This is another TV show that takes place in Hawaii. It was canceled by CBS and taken over by NBC, with shows set to air on NBC starting in 2023.)


waimanalo beach



It is a grand scenic drive to get to Waimanalo Beach if you’re coming from Waikikki!

You can also get to Waimanalo Beach by bus if you are in Oahu without a car.

There is the Oahu bus that goes to Waimanalo Beach.



Is Waimanalo Beach good for swimming?

Yes, you can swim at Waimanalo Beach in Oahu!

The water color is inviting!


waimanalo beach swimming. oahu beach swimming. hawaii travel blog


According to the Ocean Safety Division of Honolulu:

The beach fronting the park is wide and sandy, providing good conditions for sunbathing and swimming.


That is… Waimanalo Beach is good for swimming if the ocean conditions are calm!

You can check the current conditions at Waimanalo Beach before you go.



Waimanalo Beach warning signs

waimanalo beach warning signs. waimanalo beach swimming. oahu beach swimming. hawaii travel blog



Ocean conditions can vary!

Depending on the ocean conditions of the day, a dangerous shore break, strong currents, and portuguese man-o-war can make for less safe swimming at Waimanalo Beach.


waimanalo beach waves. oahu beach waves. waimanalo beach swimming. hawaii travel blog

waimanalo beach currents. oahu beach currents. waimanalo beach swimming. hawaii travel blog

waimanalo beach portuguese man o war. oahu beach portuguese man o war. waimanalo beach swimming. waimanalo beach jellyfish. hawaii travel blog



Portuguese Man-O-War at Waimanalo Beach?!

The Portuguese man-o-war, which are closely related to jellyfish, can be a thing at Waimanalo Beach.

To be prepared for the worst-case scenario (aka getting stung by a Portuguese man-of-war at Waimanalo Beach!), you can read up on best practices for what to do if you do get stung.

Portuguese man-o-war treatment is similar to jellyfish stings.


According University of Hawaii scientists:

The best first aid is to rinse with vinegar to remove any residual stingers or bits of tentacle left on the skin and then immerse in 45°C (113°F) hot water or apply a hot pack for 45 minutes.


You can also go to the lifeguard at Waimanalo Beach for help too!



There are lifeguards at Waimanalo Beach.

waimanalo beach lifeguard. oahu beach lifeguard. waimanalo beach swimming. hawaii travel blog



Do you have to pay to go to Waimanalo Beach?

There is no Waimanalo Beach beach entry fee, so Waimanalo Beach is a free public beach!

There is also free parking at Waimanalo Beach.

So Waimanalo Beach is a FREE beach you can go to on Oahu! (There are a lot of free beaches on Oahu!)



How far is Waimanalo Beach from Waikiki?

Driving from Waikiki to Waimanalo Beach is around a 35 minute drive. (map)

If you want to make Waimanalo Beach your first stop after flying into Hawaii, then Honolulu Airport to Waimanalo Beach is also around a 35 minute drive. (map)




Can you get a bus to Waimanalo Beach from Waikiki?

Yes, you can get a bus to Waimanalo Beach if you don’t mind the time in transit!

The Oahu bus goes all around the island, and the bus stop near Waimanalo Beach is a few minutes walk away.

Going by bus from Waikiki to Waimanalo Beach will take around 1.5 hours, if you get a direct bus that doesn’t require any transfers.


waimanalo beach bus. oahu beach bus. hawaii travel blog

If you don’t see a video above, you can watch the Waimanalo Beach video on youtube.



Waimanalo Beach is a pretty long beach!

Waimanalo Beach can also be a perfect beach for a long beach walk!



You can make your start the Waimanalo Beach Park (map) or the Waimanalo Bay Beach Park. (map)

Yes, there is a difference between Waimanalo Beach Park and Waimanalo Bay Beach Park! They are both along the same shore line so you would be going to a Waimanalo beach no matter which you choose, but there are 2 separate beach parks in Waimanalo along the beach. (map)

There is free parking at both of these beach parks in Waimanalo and there is a bus stop near both of them too.




And that’s a bit about Waimanalo Beach on Oahu!


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