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If you’ve decided that a few weeks into the new year is a good time to get a little bit away from your everyday home life, then there are a few places you can have an organized yoga retreat away from “real” life!


Booking your yoga retreat

The February yoga retreats that are listed below are listed on bookyogaretreats.com.

As you look through the retreat descriptions, sometimes there are daily schedules listed and you can see if it’s something that excites you.

There are also descriptions of the various types of yoga and wellness approaches to see if it matches what you’re looking for.

And you can see what type of FOOD to expect.

There are many retreats that offer fresh organic food, and the food may be one of the highlights of the retreat. Sometimes the description will include detailed descriptions of sample meals. This is also where you can confirm if there are vegan or vegetarian options if that’s what you’re looking for. (And also confirm there are non-veg options if that is what you’re looking for.)

Another important thing that you can do is to read about the retreat instructors and their backgrounds with what type of education and training they have. This can give you an idea of what their approach is and what type of specific things you may learn from them.

And most importantly, you can also find reviews of people who have participated in the retreat.

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Finding the perfect February yoga vacation

You can get straight to the February 2022 retreat offerings by using the yoga retreat search tool and filtering it to show your preferred dates! 




Otherwise, the list of retreats below is currently from February 2021, but you can use it to get ideas for what kinds of retreats you may want to go on in February 2022!






Side note for featured yoga retreats!
Yoga + nature = PERFECT!
You just might love one of these for your yoga retreat in 2022 in a serene remote natural setting in California:
Plus get the new year started right with a New Year yoga retreat:
PLUS... Get in touch with nature through the best of America's national parks:



Here are some February yoga retreats in the US to take a look at to get you started



1. Yoga retreat in Florida: 4 days/3 nights luxury sail + yoga retreat in Sarasota FL

When to go: You choose your start date
Cost: $2,800 for a private room for 2 people on the boat. $5,600 for 2 private rooms for 4 people on the boat

February yoga retreats: solo and group yoga retreat in february. wellness retreat. winter yoga.
Photo from bookyogaretreats.com. See more pictures from this sailing wellness retreat.


If yoga with ocean views, and yoga on the water, sound like it can make for some good relaxation, then a sailboat retreat may be perfect for you!

After all, there is some science that says that the ocean is good for the soul! Well, more specifically that it can have a calming effect on the mind, but you can also take that to mean that the ocean is good for the mind, body, and soul. (This can also be a good reason to look for coastal retreats! You may also consider looking into yoga retreats along coastal California too.)

So you can make it a sail and yoga retreat any time in February (you choose your date, based on availability of course), and it comes with 3 nights accommodation included. There is also a 2 days/overnight retreat available.

And, your accommodation is on the boat! So if you’re also looking for a memorable experience, this can be a good retreat to choose too. If the weather’s clear there can see some stars by watching the night sky too.

You’ll be sailing to a couple of Florida’s islands. Your sailing journey will begin in downtown Sarasota at Marina Jacks, and then you’ll sail to Egmont Key and Boca Grande.

February temperatures in Sarasota usually gets up to around the mid-70s and the low is in the mid-50s, so you do still want to pack some cold(er) weather clothes. 

Yoga styles that may be practiced include hatha and vinyasa.

This sailing wellness retreat requires a minimum of 2 people, and may be up to a group of 6 people.

Get more info and read the reviews about this Florida yoga retreat.



2. Yoga retreat in Sedona Arizona: 3 days/2 nights private holistic health and yoga retreat in Sedona AZ

When to go: Up to you!
Cost: Starts at $1,250 solo for a private cabin

If you are open to learning about a variety of holistic approaches to your health and well-being, or if you want to learn about some alternative therapies then you might consider this retreat to be worthwhile for you. 

This retreat will offer you the opportunity to get a glimpse of how to use sound therapy (tuning fork), reiki, sage, and a medicine wheel to improve yourself. There may also be a journaling, healing, and meditation involved. And of course yoga classes.

The instructor of this yoga retreat is specialized in Chinese medicine, and you may consider giving acupuncture a try if you have specific ailments. For an additional cost, there is an ear acupuncture session you can get or an all-inclusive acupuncture treatment.

Read about more alternative holistic therapies offered and what they can do for your mental and physical wellness in the “description of services” section.

The start date of this yoga retreat is as you choose, with 2 nights accommodation included. It’ll start in the afternoon on the first day with the opening circle, and it will end on the last day in the morning with the closing ceremony.

All skill levels are welcome: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Yoga styles that may be practiced include yin, zen, and chakra.

This retreat will be in a group of up to 4 people.

Get more info and read the reviews about this Arizona yoga retreat.

You can extend your Arizona vacation on your own by visiting the somewhat nearby Grand Canyon and Glen Canyon. You can also drive further north to Utah national parks from northern Arizona.

For more retreat ideas for later in the year, you may also consider yoga retreats that include national parks.




3. Weekend yoga retreat in California: 4 days/3 nights writing + yoga retreat in Santa Margarita

When to go: Start date is February 12, 2021
Cost: $1,645 solo for private room. $2,629 for 2 people for private room. For $1,095 solo, there is also a shared dorm room

California has recently had some travel restrictions (and daily restrictions in general), so be sure to look into this if you don’t live in California.

Journaling has been said to improve your self-awareness and mindfulness which is why it can be a perfect part of your yoga practice. If you were to go on this retreat, then one of the goals would be to help you improve your mental well-being through writing. There will be dedicated guided writing exercises as part of the retreat. 

The date of this retreat is February 12-15 2021, starting Friday afternoon and going through Monday around noon.

Restorative yoga is practiced.

Get more info and read the reviews about this California yoga retreat.



4. Yoga retreat in Maine: 4 days/3 nights yoga, meditation, and wellness vacation in Phippsburg ME

When to go: You can choose
Cost: Starts at $1,200 solo for a private room. $1,800 for 2 people for a double room. For $850 solo, there is also a shared dorm room

Maine has had travel restrictions for people coming from outside of Maine, so this will be best suited for states that have been reliably exempt from the travel restriction. See current travel restrictions.

This is another yoga retreat that you can learn about (and try) some alternative therapies. Aside from the included yoga, meditation, and mindful nourishment sessions (read more about what is specifically meant by mindful nourishment in the program section of the description), there are some holistic therapies you can try for an additional cost. This can include things like hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage, acupuncture, ayurvedic consultation and bodywork, chakra balancing and clearing, qigong, taichi, reiki, and consultation in using wild medicinal herbs.

You can choose when to start this retreat. There is also an 8 days/7 nights retreat available. 

Also included in this retreat may be trips to a farmers market or local brewery, and you might also have the opportunity to go snowshoeing.

All skill levels are welcome: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Yoga styles that are practiced include vinyasa and restorative.

This retreat will be in a group of up to 14 people.

Get more info and read the reviews about this Maine yoga retreat.



More yoga retreats in the US

Looking for more?

See more February yoga retreats here located around the US.

This is pre-selected to show February 2022 wellness retreats only. If you’re looking to look at options for later in the year, you can remove this filter. You can also filter the location based on region of the US if you know where you want to go.

If you’re willing to travel internationally, among the most popular Caribbean destinations for yoga retreats are Mexico and Costa Rica:





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