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Below is basically a Lanai planning map.

Use it to plan your time on Lanai!


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See below for the clickable interactive version of the Lanai map! Most icons have pictures, and some have additional info too! If you are on your phone, also see tips for using the map on mobile below the interactive map!


lanai map. location of lanai in hawaii. lanai hawaii map
👆 Lanai is located to the west of Maui. To the north of Lanai are the Hawaiian islands of Molokai, Oahu, and Kauai. To the south is the Big Island. You can take a ferry from Maui to Lanai!


Be sure to play around with the map!




Lanai map (interactive google map)

Click the little icon in the top left corner of the map below to see the list of what you’ll find on this map. This is where you can isolate to find only the beach, hiking trails, and hotels, for example.

On the map, click on an icon to know what’s there!

Colored icons mean that there’s a link with more information about that spot.

Read about it: Things to do in Lanai for VIEWS!


👆 How to start using this map: Click the top left icon! Or just zoom in to start looking and clicking around!


This map may not work very well on this page on mobile, sorry! 

In that case, send a link of this page to yourself and try on desktop!


Tips for using this google map of Lanai on mobile!

If you are on your phone, you can also have a look at this Lanai map. (It is the same map as above but it might be easier for use on your phone.)

For this map, in short, in addition to clicking the icons that you see on the map, also click on the names that come up when you click on an icon!

Most icons have pictures and/or info to go along with it so if you are not seeing it, then click around!

Longer version…

If you do look at the map directly on google, start off by clicking the text at the bottom of the screen (the text that says “lanai map”) to see the different categories.

Then you can start clicking around on this list.

Or, you can also just start clicking around on the map.

When you click on an icon on the map, you will see the name of the spot come up at the bottom of the screen.

Click on that name.

Then, you will see a picture of that spot (in most cases!) and also possibly more info!

Phones may have different displays but basically click around on both icons and text!



What is on the Lanai map?

  • Lanai hotels
  • The main Lanai beach
  • Lanai hikes
  • Lanai scenic roads
  • And more Lanai scenic spots!


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